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During the first cold days of winter, we visit many frantic homeowners with a dead heating system on their hands. In the majority of these cases, simple heating tuneups would have prevented the expensive —and stressful—breakdown.

Tuneups Prevent Cold-Weather Breakdowns

Even though your heating system has had a chance to rest during warmer season, doesn’t mean it’s ready to go when the cold comes. In fact the down time is the reason your heating system isn’t always prepared to take on the frigid cold. Yearly heating system tuneups are what prevent cold-weather breakdowns.

Our expert technicians will remedy standard wear & tear, while hunting for warning signs of a possible emergency.  Also, check out our protection plans to make maintenance a regular event.


Pittsburgh Heating Tuneups Improve Efficiency

Have you noticed your heating bills are higher this year than last? While it’s common for all types of heating systems to lose efficiency over time, there is something you can do to minimize the effects. Heating system maintenance from One Hour Air doesn’t just keep your system running—it keeps your Pittsburgh heating system running at maximum energy efficiency.

Heating Tuneups Protect Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

Did you read the fine print?  Often, in order to keep your new heating system’s valuable manufacturer’s warranty, regular tuneups & inspections are necessary.  That’s our area of expertise—give us a call or fill out an appointment form today.

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