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An HVAC company serving Bethel Park, Mt. Washington, Mt. Lebanon, Bridgeville, Upper St. Clair and the surrounding Pittsburgh area
At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning our repair technicians are always ready to come to your rescue when your air conditioners break down. We will inspect, diagnose, and fix any air conditioning problem you may have. Call our 24/7 emergency help line at 412-831-1922 to schedule an appointment with one of our air conditioning repair technicians!

Pittsburgh Air Conditioning System Repairs

When your air conditioners break, the temperature rises every hour. You’ll feel hot, sweaty, and downright miserable. Call us 24/7 to bring in one of our knowledgeable HVAC experts who will get you feeling cool and comfortable—guaranteed.

Air Conditioning Recharging & Maintenance

Want to ensure you don’t get stranded without air conditioning? Keep your system in factory condition with a thorough maintenance inspection. Our highly-trained Pittsburgh air conditioning technicians will remedy wear & tear, clean the components, and recharge the refrigerant, all while hunting for signs of possible emergencies. Also, check out our protection plans to make maintenance a regular event.

Improve Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency

Professional air conditioning tune ups don’t just keep your Pittsburgh air conditioning system running—they keep it running at maximum energy efficiency. Over time, dust and wear reduce your system’s efficiency, meaning you use far more energy to keep your house comfortable. Bring out One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to restore lost efficiency and save money on your monthly energy bill.

Pittsburgh Air Conditioning System Installation & Equipment

Want to upgrade to a high-efficiency model or install a WiFi thermostat? Trust One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. For new equipment, count on the HVAC experts you rely on for your HVAC maintenance and emergency service.

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