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An HVAC company serving Bethel Park, Mt. Washington, Mt. Lebanon, Bridgeville, Upper St. Clair and the surrounding Pittsburgh area
We’re ready to solve your AC problems immediately! During the first sweltering days of every summer, we visit many homeowners with dead AC systems. In the majority of these cases, a simple AC tuneup would have prevented the expensive — and uncomfortable — AC failure.

AC Tuneups Guard Against Pittsburgh Breakdowns

Don’t risk getting stranded without your AC. Instead, get a One Hour AC tuneup. Our Pittsburgh A/C tuneup expert technicians will remedy wear & tear, clean the entire system, and recharge the refrigerant, all while hunting for signs of possible emergencies. Also, check out our protection plans to make maintenance a regular event.

Common Air Conditioning Issues:

  • Insufficient airflow
  • Pools of water forming around the air conditioner
  • Warm air
  • Loud noises or humming
  • Irregular cycling
  • Bad odors

Pittsburgh AC Tuneups

Wonder why your utility bills are so high? AC systems lose efficiency over time, meaning you use far more energy to keep your house cool. A One Hour tuneup doesn’t just keep your AC running—it keeps your AC running at maximum energy efficiency.

AC Tuneups Protect Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

Did you read the fine print? Frequently, in order to keep your AC unit’s valuable manufacturer’s warranty, professional maintenance inspections are required. When it comes to your Pittsburgh AC services, we’re the professionals to call.

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